It is a strong and effective technique for helping someone who is being mentored; develop a strong foundation for planning the future and organizing work. By knowing their desired achievement in life, a mentee should know where to concentrate and think about their improvement. If they can set well thought and precise plans, they can evaluate and have pride in their achievement. One of the most vital tasks of a mentor is assisting them in making goals for short and long periods. Mentees are motivated by the thought of achieving those goals for long periods. So it’s necessary to develop a goal setting worksheet which helps them strive to achieve

There are plenty of available free goal setting exercises out there. Simple goal setting exercises and tools are provided by for you, in easily achieving the goal you want to accomplish.

Whether you use their worksheets or make your separate worksheets, the only thing which matters is using one. Chalk out and define them, make them a priority, list the ways of accomplishing them by a specific time.

Need for goal setting worksheet in professionals

Purpose of goal setting worksheet:

  • They guide as well as direct behavior
  • They provide clarity.
  • They provide challenges as well as standards.
  • They reflect those which are considered important by goal setters.
  • They help in improving performances.
  • Goal setting worksheet increases the needed motivation for achieving.
  • They help in increasing mentee’s pride as well as satisfaction in their achievements.
  • Goal setting worksheet improves mentee’s self-confidence.
  • They help in decreasing negative attitude.

Need for goal setting worksheet in professionalsBusiness goal setting worksheets:

As an entrepreneur, you need to taste success.  Entrepreneurs Heal financial state’s, help families and solve problems which will help in making the world a good place for living. Business goal setting worksheets help us in doing our part and help to taste more successful every year!

Smart goal worksheets:

In simpler words, a goal which is quite clear and can easily be understood.


Smart goal worksheets must clearly tell what needs to be attained and by whom and also where and when it needs to be achieved. Many times goal worksheets state the importance of the goal. Every goal doesn’t need to meet the above questions, but still, it is necessary to ask them for assessing the distinctness of your goals and what needs to be done for making them as clearer as much as you can.


It can be applied to the result as well as the milestones in the way of attaining the goals. It answers questions of an amount like for instance how much, how many and how often? These are signed, which along the way tells you of you being on the correct track towards achievement of your goals.

Need for goal setting worksheet in professionals


It should be ensured that your goals which you have set are achievable. Firstly, you have to believe that you will be able to manage what you have set out to do. Unbelievable goals set by you are very unlikely to be achievable. This is also equally important while setting goals for groups, like in corporate setting. Secondly, the goals set should be possible to achieve. It is irrelevant in setting a goal float in the air and then defies gravity through your mind, for e.g. doesn’t matter how much hard you try, it is unachievable.


The goals have to be relevant to your plans of achievement in both the short term as well as the long-term basis. It is important to understand your personal vision as well as mission along with purpose, which is quite critical in this case.